Mission & Vision


Relieving the suffering and stigma associated with the diseases we treat and providing our patients with the best chance of recovering a full and meaningful life is the primary mission of Walden Behavioral Care. This commitment guides us as we develop and deliver innovative behavioral health care services and provide education and assistance to our patients, their families and other health care professionals.



Walden Behavioral Care envisions itself as a market and thought leader known widely for the quality of the services we provide. As a model proprietary behavioral health care company, Walden is committed to providing comfortable and compassionate environments of care and innovative treatment services. To accomplish this goal, Walden invests significant time and resources in staff training and development as well as facility design and maintenance, treatment research, quality management and public education.

The Walden business plan anticipates future growth throughout the nation. Expansion will be driven by consumer demand, availability of appropriate reimbursement for services and the opportunity to partner with high-quality, professional health care providers in select locations. In developing new programming and additional sites, Walden will focus on diseases and geographies where there is existing unmet demand. Treatment and research in the area of eating disorders will be one of Walden’s primary areas of concentration.

As an organization, Walden BehavioralTM pays close attention to the details of operating a sustainable business that flexibly responds to changing market conditions so as to meet the expectations of its officers and shareholders.

Walden Behavioral Care has earned the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval.
Accredited by the Joint Commission 2019

Walden®, Walden Behavioral Care®, Whole Health Approach®, Continuum of Care®, Lasting Recovery for Body and Mind®, Walden Behavioral™, Walden Eating Disorders™ and Walden Recovery™ are trademarks of Walden Behavioral Care, Inc.
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